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Wedding Transportation

If you walk down the aisle with all the confidence you can muster, you’ll need to ride to the wedding venue in comfort first. Plan your wedding well in advance and don’t forget to book our special wedding transportation service cabs to ferry your important guests to the venue for the wedding venue and elsewhere if required. Plan every single event meticulously and have it executed without a hitch, thanks to the efficient service offered by A&R.

Parties and Events

Plan your events and parties with confidence, now that you have our special services for having you and your friends transported to the party or event venue safely and on time. More importantly, after you’ve had all the fun at the party you’d certainly like to be driven home or to your lodgings, and all you need to do is hop into any of our cabs and sit back in comfort while our driver drops you home.

Children’s Cab Service

The safety of your children is paramount, and leaving them in safe hands is of utmost importance. Once you hand over your children to us, you can trust us to have them transported by reliable drivers whose backgrounds have been thoroughly verified. Our drivers have been trained to escort your kids right up to the doorstep and leave only after an adult takes charge of the wards being dropped. We know that it is the little things that make a big difference in all our lives, trust us with your most precious kids and rest assured about their safety and security.

Door Delivery Service

Don’t have the time or inclination for making a quick trip to the local store, just give us your grocery list and trust us to get your groceries from your favorite store and deliver them at your place. We are here to serve you, whether you are being transported in our cabs or want something transported for you very urgently. A&R has your convenience and comfort in mind at all times, and our endeavor is to provide unparalleled service to our customers. Whether it’s groceries or some important document you left behind at home and want it badly in your office right now, trust A&R to have it delivered safely, and on time.


Want a package dropped off at your courier’s? Whether it is through FedEx or UPS, trust us to pick up the package and have it couriered through your regular courier on your behalf. Even if you don’t have the time, we have enough time for you. Call us today and see how fast the package gets delivered at the destination.

Concierge Services

Are you in need of an understanding person who can help you out with the odd jobs? Would you like some personalized service at any time of the day to take of small chores that you may have forgotten? Try our concierge service which is tailor-made to handle such small exigencies with amazing alacrity by patient and understanding concierges.

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