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We are here to offer highly competitive and personalized transportation services for locals and tourists. Allow us to escort you around town in royal splendor in our comfortable taxis that whisk you to your destination within minutes, thanks to our expert, knowledgeable drivers who know their way around town and also know the hot, happening places in every nook and corner of the area.

Whether it is bar hopping you want to indulge in or a quiet outing fishing for that elusive trout you have been after for a long time, hop into our taxi and explore the city and suburbs like never before. Go to the best eating joints and shop till you drop, our drivers are always there to help with your shopping bags and they can tip you on the bargains and steals available around town today.


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A&R is a new experiment in taxi services where we endeavor to help the elderly and disabled as we have the time and inclination to lend a helping hand to the most neglected of people who need support now and then. We are just a call away, whatever your transportation need; call us for a safe, enjoyable experience.

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